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The Most Accurate Lie Detector Available

EyeDetect® is a next-generation lie detector. It measures subtle changes in the eye to detect deception.

EyeDetect is used to screen job applicants, employees, parolees, and immigrants — as well as law enforcement and public safety personnel — to protect against corruption and crime.

It is also used to conduct diagnostic (single issue) testing for criminal or civil cases.

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How Does EyeDetect Work?

The brain and eyes respond to deception. The greater the consequences of the lie, the greater the cognitive load. This affects the eyes. EyeDetect measures changes in pupil diameter, eye movement, reading behavior, blinks, fixations and other things.

Using an infrared camera and complex algorithm, a person’s credibility score is calculated: truthful or deceptive. Participants answer True/False questions on a computer. The infrared camera records eye behaviors. When the test concludes, responses to questions and eye measurements are uploaded to a web server for immediate scoring. Those authorized can view results in the web-based Converus Dashboard. A Converus Credibility Score shows the probability the person was truthful.

We offer various solutions to fit your organization's budget, some with no upfront cost and monthly billing are available. Prices ranges from $20 to $35 per test. Tests can be customized to address your organization's specific needs. Tests can be administered by our certified examiners or we can train your staff to conduct the examinations. Contact us for more information! 

  • Highly Accurate Field studies show that EyeDetect has an accuracy range of 86 to 90%, depending on the test administered.
  • Fast Results Tests take 15 to 30 minutes and reports are ready in less than 5. Reports include a credibility score and details showing participants’ responses to questions.
  • Nonintrusive No sensors are attached to the participant, who answers True/False questions on a computer.
  • Economical Test administrators are trained in 2 hours and can manage up to 3 EyeDetect stations simultaneously.
  • Simple to Use The participant follows onscreen instructions. A practice session helps to get comfortable with the test.
  • Scalable During an average eight-hour workday, one test proctor with three EyeDetect stations can run 40 tests daily to quickly screen many people with great results.
  • Incorruptible & Unbiased Participants are tested by computer. The test administrator cannot alter test results. Test data is encrypted and tamper-proof.
  • Bank-Level Security EyeDetect uses encryption and physical security that banks use. Data are encrypted and stored using military grade 256-bit AES / CBC mode encryption.
  • Complete Analytics & Reporting Those authorized access test results via web browser. Results can be sorted by date, department, test type, credibility score, and more.

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