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The Future Of The Lie Detection

We provide scientifically based validation technologies that help
protect corporations and communities from corruption, crime, and threats

Fast, Accurate, Safe and Cost-Effective:  The Best Lie Detector Tests

The Original Ocular-Motor Lie Detector
 Non contact and 88-89% accurate

Next generation lie detector that spots a liar in
15-30 minutes monitoring involuntary eye behavior.

The New, Automated Polygraph
 Reliable, objective, and 88-90% accurate

A convergence of the 2 best lie detectors, which means more reliable testing and valid data analysis.


About Us

Forensic Technologies, LLC is a Converus, Inc. Premier Service Partner and Authorized Sales Agent.

  • Location
    Kyiv, Ukraine

  • Clients
    More than 600 customers in 55 countries

  • Specialists
    More than 100 specialists

  • Technology
    Constantly developing

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