The Future Of The Lie Detection

We provide scientifically based validation technologies that help
protect corporations and communities from corruption, crime, and threats

The World’s Fastest, Most Accurate and Cost-Effective
Credibility Assessment Technologies

Lie Detection
86-90% accurate in 15-30 minutes

The Eyes Don't Lie

EyeDetect is the first breakthrough in nearly 100 years to effectively uncover lies. In only 15 to 30 minutes, it can spot a liar by analyzing the eyes.


Identity Verification
90% accurate in 3 minutes

Identity Verified, Almost Instantly

Identification may be forged and documents stolen. But a person’s true identity doesn’t change. In 3 minutes, IdentityDetect can spot a liar.


About Us

Forensic Technologies, LLC can provide you with the fastest and
best credibility assessment tools. We simplify the detection of the truth and
verify your identity in less than 30 minutes with
extraordinary accuracy. Learn more about our technology!

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    Ukraine, Odessa

  • Clients
    More than 500 customers in 40 countries

  • Specialists
    More than 100 specialists

  • Technology
    Constantly developing

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